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Academic Support

The Academic Support Program focuses on providing remedial skills in the core academic subjects to students in kindergarten through grade 5 with below grade-level achievement. It also provides enrichment to students who are at or above grade level. Working collaboratively with classroom teachers and school counselors, volunteers act as tutors in math, reading, and other academic subjects, both during school and in an after-school capacity, providing students with the individual assistance and encouragement they need to reach their highest potential.

As the volunteer you choose:

  • The subject (reading, math, science, or social studies)
  • The day and time you are available
  • The school where you would like to volunteer

Your weekly visits will be supervised by an employee of the school who will provide the materials for your remediation or enrichment session with the student.

If you have an hour a week, you can make a difference to a grateful student by volunteering to be an academic tutor in the Springfield Public Schools.

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