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Read Aloud

There will be no Read Aloud Program during the 2020 – 2021 school year.

With inspiration from our popular Read Aloud Program, SSV has created a brand new Virtual Book Club. Volunteers will meet with small groups of students to share and discuss selected texts with a goal of increased fluency and comprehension among students.

The Read Aloud Program is designed to model fluent reading and to instill a love of reading in students.  The program takes place in preschool through grade five in participating Springfield public schools.

How it works

Once a month for five months (October – February), volunteers read aloud to classrooms in a participating Springfield public school of their choice.  Approximately 650 volunteers are needed each year.

A different title is selected for each grade level, for each month of the program. SSV provides volunteers with background information on each book and suggestions for engaging the students in a dialogue before, during and after each reading.  Training is also available.

On the day of the Read Aloud, volunteers gather at the school and wait for their student escorts to bring them to the classroom where the rest of the class will be eagerly awaiting their special Read Aloud volunteer.

After the reading, the books are left with the teacher to help build the classroom libraries.  Approximately 3,000 books are donated to schools each year.

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