Allen Reed

Allen Reed

Role: Mentor

Allen has been a mentor for over 7 years, he enjoys connecting with the students and the local community.

Name: Allen Reed
I am a mentor at: Central High School
I have been a Springfield School Volunteer Mentor: 7 years
I became a mentor because: After being approached 7 years ago, I realized this was a means of being a part of the community in a very personal way. My career was established and stable and it was time to give freely of my time to help another.
By volunteering I have learned: To be grateful for the many things I’ve taken for granted that others have possibly never experienced or enjoyed. I’ve learned to be a better listener and not always a fixer.
My favorite thing about mentoring is: Watching the relationship grow, learning about my mentee – of his joys, challenges and sorrows, and give caring and loving support in return.
Why should another caring person in the community join you as a mentor? It makes you a better version of yourself and allows you the opportunity to appreciate the views of a younger soul that just needs someone to talk to.

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