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Virtual Book Club

Virtual Book Clubs promote a love for literature and a positive attitude towards reading. Our Virtual Book Clubs will expose students to literature from multiple perspectives and encourage critical thinking and deeper engagement with the stories.

Other Expected Benefits:

  • Increased fluency. Students will have an opportunity to take turns reading aloud and follow along as other group members read.
  • Expanded vocabulary. Volunteers can identify and pre-teach new or unfamiliar words before the session or students can identify and write the meaning of new words during or after the session.
  • Improved comprehension. Group discussions about the meaning of a passage or book will be enhanced by the different backgrounds and insights students bring, which will help improve comprehension.
  • Improved verbal communication. Students will have the opportunity to have healthy, but respectful discussions about a variety of topics and will learn how to formulate applicable questions.

How it Works:

Volunteers will be matched with small groups of elementary or middle school students for 30 to 45 minutes each week. Titles will be pre-selected and provided to volunteers and students ahead of time.

For younger or less fluent readers, there will be time for the selected book to be read aloud during the session as well as for discussion and activities. Older or more fluent readers will have the books beforehand and will be asked to read all or part of the book before the club meeting. Volunteers will utilize an agenda to help guide discussions and activities.

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